Description Dedication

This Is Dedication. This is Anti-Hesitation. - Nipsy Hussle

Are you in need of a little push? I needed some dedication in my entrepreneur journey and this scent makes me feel wealthy, like I come from old money; I feel like I can do anything. We all have rough days and having the dedication on standby is absolutely necessary. Do you need that visual push towards being dedicated to your goals? You decide.

This Masculine scent pushes you into a vibe of deep concentration. This deep woody scent is a combination of Mahogany, swiss vanilla cream, hints of musk and jasmine. It's a perfect blend. 

Top notes- Green, Fruit

Middle notes- Jasmine, Lily, Vanilla

Base notes- Sweet Woody Musk

8 Oz Jar | Net WT. 6.5 oz | 40hrs Double Wick | Soy Blend Wax