Description No, is a complete sentence

I Yeah, No sums it up. |

Some people think they have to be pushy in order to get what they want. While others use a hard “NO”, secretly hoping the person asking will persuade them to change their mind.

Now, you can deliver your “NO” clearly and confidently. Whether you're having a business meeting or a one-on-one with your significant other. Handle all your potential objections with confidence and a smile by repeating, “No, is a complete sentence.”

Stop saying “Yes” when you mean “No” and let the bold and warm scent of Cashmere and Cocoa bean  fill your room and fill you with the wisdom to stand up for yourself have the confidence to say NO!


Top Notes- Bergamot, Jasmine,  Almond

Middle Notes-  Vanilla, Mandarin Orange

Base Notes- Amber, musk

8 Oz Jar | Net WT. 6.5 oz | 40hrs Double Wick | Soy Blend Wax