Description Reclaiming My Time

I I want it all back |

Getting subjected to social awkwardness, meaningless blabbles, time-drainage, and self-infliction of mental and physical pain.

A life full of freedom to be who you were meant to be; a life where you know exactly what your rights are; a life where your needs and wants are met: how does that sound? That's what this boundary collection candle gives you.

You know what the most powerful resource a human being has? It's not our muscles. It’s not our ingenuity -- it's our time. The clock is ticking, and there’s plenty to do -- from your job to schoolwork -- and there are just 24 hours in a day. While your list of tasks is endless, there always seems to be this one thing standing in your way as you try to get everything done: yourself.  Reclaiming My Time is a unique candle that supports others as they find the ability to create boundaries, enforce them, and create awareness for others. These candles set limits for people in power over you, such as work superiors, family members, friends or even just a bossy personality! 


Top Notes- Cherry, Orange, Pineapple

Middle Notes-  Vanilla, Mandarin Orange, Lime

Base Notes- Citrus, Vanilla, Jasmine


4 oz Jar | Net WT. 3.2 oz | 21hrs Power Burn | Single Wick | Soy Blend Wax